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Sunday, 24 May 2015

How To Spot Fake GHD Straighteners

It is not surprising, considering the popularity of ghd hair straighteners, that many fakes are being produced throughout the world. This is unfortunate because not only are these fake ghds  inferior in quality but,  quite often they contain electrical faults which have proven time and again to be dangerous to those using them.

Most of the customers who purchase these fake ghds do not know they are doing so and as a result, are completely unaware of the dangers they are being exposed to. Even those people who willingly buy cut price fakes remain unaware of the many dangers they could face.

Fake ghds could cause electrical fires, faults, electrocution and on a less serious note, could damage your hair. Furthermore, they do not perform as well as the real deal. This is why its so important that you ensure your ghds are genuine.

Authenticate your ghds
When buying new straightening irons, you should always buy from a good company, with a reputation for quality. Well known retailers are unlikely to sell you a fake, so start there. You should be wary of buying your ghds from unauthorised websites or individuals. If you want to use an online auction site, check the feedback of the seller and do not buy from them if they have any complaints, or have very little feedback. Unfortunately, it is often the case that if the price of ghds looks too good to be true, it probably is!

Power Cords
Fake ghds tend to have a thicker, circular power cord whereas the cord on real ghds is flatter. These cords generally do not have a long shelf life and can be dangerous in some cases. Whereas, the cord on a set of real ghds will be much thinner and will outlive its fake counterpart by a large margin.

Hinge Screws
Authentic ghds use two Phillip's screws (one screw, one bolt) but fakes usually do not. Instead they have one screw on each side, one of which is a slot rather than a phillips. The quality of the screws on your ghd unit is one of the most telling signs as to whether it is real or fake.